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Case Study: TRX For Yoga



In an effort to drive new traffic to TRX's website, we did an analysis of trending google keywords and found that “TRX” and “yoga” were ranking.  We cross checked this with the TRX platforms and noticed yoga content was outperforming any other content on the TRX blog and social media channels creating an opportunity to create content that would capture a new audience.




To capitalize on this untapped audience, we decided to create a full content destination dedicated to how TRX could be used for yoga. We partnered with a social media influencer to create a series of videos, based on high-volume search terms, that were hosted on the TRX blogs. The content, copy and metadata of each page was all organized to grow SEO equity for its dedicated term.


We then promoted this content through Facebook, Instagram and email newsletters, testing messaging to optimize for performance. In addition to the traditional approach across TRX’s owned channels, we leveraged the reach of the influencer we partnered with to create these videos, resulting in authentic, viral reach for this content.


TRX moved to the first page of all major SERPs for these terms while authentically positioning themselves as thought leaders in the yoga space. TRX for Yoga generated over 5,000 leads and 170,000 video views in the first week, the highest in any campaign the company had implemented. This subsequently created an opportunity to create a yoga workout download and digital education course that drove additional revenue from this new vertical. TRX was able to assess the demand for their product in the new space, invest in content and ultimately, monetize the demand.

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