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How Your Company Can Help Get Out the Vote

In case you missed literally every celebrity, news organization, social media influencer and politician in America, our next election is as important as it is complicated. In a recent study conducted by Pew Research Center, 49% of voters believe it will be difficult to cast a ballot this November. So we as people, businesses and responsible citizens of a (hopefully) functioning democracy need to do everything in our power to help get out the vote.

Moreover, this is an opportunity for your company to shape the ecosystems you want to live in. Whether it’s social justice, healthcare, immigration reform, environmental issues, or economic policies, they all impact your company and the employees who have helped build your business. When you champion these causes or empower your employees to, you raise brand awareness, drive employee engagement, and even drive change with elected officials.

In 2018 companies helped to generate one of the largest voter turnouts in this century by focusing their attention to the cause and this November, we need to exceed those numbers so we can all drive change.

To help you get started, we’ve put together this quick and dirty list of ideas on how your company can help support voter rights for the futures of your employees and communities. It’s not too late to do your part.

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