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As we face yet another month sheltering in place and as many states begin to “reopen,” it’s being reported that people are really just not staying put like they were at the start of all of this. We get it, we want to go to the beach, have drinks with our friends at our favorite bar, and even just hug the ones we love. Yes, we are getting close to putting the correct measures in place, but in the meantime we want you to stick it out just a bit longer. By doing so you could be saving one more life.  

So let's do what we can to keep our numbers down and motivate each other to hang in just a bit longer. We're all part of a much larger community and our actions (positive or negative) can impact anyone, including our loved ones.  



Here’s how you can participate: 

Post a photo or video of someone for whom you are making this sacrifice. It could be a grandparent, parent, friend, loved one who you miss, etc. Simply anyone other than you that is inspiring you to stay put in these tough times and use the hashtag #inforyou

That’s it! 

Hang in there, Slide 32 is #inforyou. 

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