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Wounded Warrior


TRX Training

Case Study: TRX Training & Wounded Warriors Project



Born in the Navy SEAL teams, TRX Training wanted an authentic way to give back to their military roots while leveraging the benefits of their products. TRX’s products were already widely used by both the military and physical therapy communities, but little content existed to show how the TRX Suspension Trainer could be used to help wounded veterans rehab their injuries. TRX wanted to do something more focused and strategic, beyond donations, to showcase the relationship and the use case of the Suspension Trainer in rehab.




We helped TRX partner with the Wounded Warriors Project to host a Physical Health and Wellness Expo at TRX headquarters for wounded veterans attempting to return to the workforce after service. Not only did the event showcase how TRX could be used to help adaptive athletes rehab and exercise, it also featured life skills training including nutrition and diet, as well as coping tools for reentering the workforce.


We helped TRX capture video content as well as interviews with the participants and educators from the event, which was distributed on its channels as well as media outlets.  TRX also made donations in the way of fitness equipment and apparel for all attendees of the event.




The videos were published on the TRX blog and promoted through email and social, yielding a huge lift in engagement. The content also resulted in earned media bringing attention to the authentic work TRX had been doing for years with the military community. The military community is very specific about how they are marketed to, and we were able to help TRX find the voice and mediums to successfully make a solid impression without alienating themselves from this market.

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