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Drew Brees: Touchdowns for TRX

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TRX Training

Case Study: Drew Brees Touchdowns for TRX



For years TRX had been donating equipment to schools in need for their athletic departments, but they wanted to take their program to the next level and generate new buzz. In addition, TRX has had a long-standing partnership with NFL quarterback Drew Brees, who used the company’s equipment to restart his career after an injury. The challenge was to merge these two initiatives to build a campaign that would utilize its current partnerships with schools and professional athletes.




To create new publicity, awareness and drive leads, we created a program that would highlight TRX’s giving while tied to our partnership with Drew Brees. The Touchdowns for TRX program identified in-need schools in cities where Drew would be playing in the month of November. For each touchdown Drew completed TRX donated 7 Suspension Trainers to the partner school.  A public sweepstakes was created for one lucky winner to be able to fly to New Orleans to meet Drew Brees and attend one of his home games. A landing page, social content and press release was created to generate awareness of the campaign.




The Touchdowns for TRX program generated over a 1000 new leads, in addition to placement in top sports media. Not only did TRX receive positive publicity but so did Drew, giving him an added benefit to his partnership with the brand. Through the program TRX donated over $15,000 in product to schools in four cities, giving athletic departments opportunities to properly train its athletes. TRX received applause in the media in addition to social media for their donation.

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