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Case Study: JUST Egg Influencer Campaign



JUST Inc. was relaunching one of their signature products, JUST Egg, and they wanted to create bottom-up awareness and demand. While JUST Egg is a vegan product, they wanted to appeal to a broader audience who may be looking for a healthy and eco-friendly substitute to chicken eggs.




Slide 32 deployed a combination of in-person activations and influencer marketing allowing prospects to experience the brand through multiple touch points and channels. 

For the influencer portion we collaborated with 21 creators across Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. The influencers ranged in followers from more than a million to less than 100K, based on their expertise and engagement levels. We also hand-selected a combination of vegan and non-vegan foodies and cooks to showcase the product's broad appeal. The ask was for the creators to cook, taste, enjoy and share JUST Egg with a heavy emphasis on personalizing their content to maintain authenticity. 

To provide the creators with a VIP experience, we designed a custom, lux parcel that included JUST Egg, branded ingredients to cook with, a personalized welcome note, and an influencer packet with posting guidelines and some suggested recipes.

For the in-person activations we created brand-rich pop-ups in four target markets across the US that not only allowed people to taste the product, but fully-immersed them in the JUST brand. Slide 32 identified like-minded partners and locations to host these events as well as managed all production budgets and timelines for a seamless and cost-efficient experience. 

Best of all, we were able to combine these two efforts by delivering our influencers to the activations and encouraging their followers to join them. This amplified the reach of the activations to a global scale and provided the influencers with an authentic but branded experience to share with their followers.


Receiving more than 19 million impressions, this campaign delivered over four times the proposed reach. More than a simple product placement, our creators developed unique recipes, organically incorporating JUST Egg into their lifestyles. To insure this campaign would be 100% on-brand, we hand selected each of our creators to match the brand’s desired audience and aesthetic as well as the influencer’s network. The result from the follower audience was resoundingly positive and indicted general brand and product awareness thanks to the content.  Perhaps the biggest success of the influencer content was the number of their followers who remade the JUST Egg recipes and reposted the awesome results, creating a true network effect.

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