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Grass x Grass

Case Study: Grass x Grass



It’s no secret that cannabis is booming right now, and it feels like every industry from tech to marketing to foodservice is trying to cash in on the green rush. Though the mainstream narrative may make it appear like the public has now completely embraced cannabis, for many Asian Americans it is still deeply stigmatized. Additionally, there is very little in the way of cannabis educational resources to help this community have a better understanding of and relationship with the plant.



In collaboration with Amnesia Media and Hubert Lamela, we established  Grass x Grass (pronounced “grass by grass”), a collective with the mission to inspire, educate and empower Asian Americans to work with, heal with and openly enjoy cannabis. To answer on this mission, we wanted to create content that would start a dialogue among the Asian American community about their cultural relationship with cannabis with the end result of destigmatizing cannabis in the community


Our first deliverable was a short documentary that celebrated the experience  of four Asian Americans working in the cannabis space - their professional experience in the space, the familial and cultural roadblocks, and the future of cannabis. To distribute this video, we developed a small media organization, establishing a presence across social media and web. We hosted a sold-out launch party to debut the film and celebrate Asian cannabis culture with infused bites, product demos, photo booths, and sponsored gift bags.


We have received an incredible amount of support for the work we’ve done with Grass x Grass and countless inquiries from the Asian American and Cannabis communities for more content. Since the launch event, the collective has received coverage in Bobcut Magazine and social media mentions and followers have grown four-fold. This overwhelming response Grass x Grass received confirmed that there is a way to enter into the cannabis industry that involves elevating and promoting important, but often overlooked communities, and that there is a huge opportunity for brands to create a dialogue with their target audience by with these causes like these.

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